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We would like to congratulate Dynamo on the success of his recent stunt – ‘Dynamo is Dead’ looking to raise the profile and discussion of Mental Health.  ERGO are delighted to have had involvement with the recent televised stunt undertaken by the Magician Dynamo at the Angel of the North.  The Angel of the North site is an iconic location well befitting of such a stunt, as north-east natives we are proud of the sculpture, with its location above the A1 often considering it as one of the first signs we are home.

ERGO were contacted by Gateshead Council and the producing company to support the proposed event by the completion a ground investigation assessing the potential for contamination and look to check the ground was suitable.  Several Window Sample probeholes were advanced at the site to limit disturbance given the televised nature of the stunt.  Chemical analysis was undertaken to confirm possible exposure risks to in-situ contamination.

The wider site and sculpture have had a long and varied industrial history with Team Colliery and several pits formerly adjacent to the site and the sculpture being placed atop a reclaimed colliery spoil heap. Thankfully for the stunt however, ground conditions were deemed to be positive with no evidence of contamination identified.  ERGO were able to confirm this assessment with the Council and Client prior to the event.