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ERGO Environmental - Who We Are

ERGO Environmental Ltd is a Geoenvironmental & Geotechnical Consultancy based in Newcastle upon Tyne. We work closely with our clients to develop a detailed understanding of specific project requirements on a site-by-site basis. Since 2018 we have provided our services on over 900 sites across the UK and across various sectors.

Drawing on our extensive knowledge, we provide a summary of the potential geoenvironmental and geotechnical hazards which could affect development. Our team have extensive experience in many different subjects and sectors including contaminated land, geology, chemistry, engineering, geotechnics and architecture.

From large residential developments providing thousands of new homes to new commercial units or even a single extension, see how ERGO can support you

For Developers

Increasing legislation, heightened environmental awareness and greater use of brownfield land are driving the need for an enhanced level of knowledge and information. ERGO can provide both environmental and geotechnical services to enable the required assessment of development constraints. We can ensure that the most cost-effective solutions are provided, whether the site be brownfield or greenfield.

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For Architects / Engineers / Planning Consultants

ERGO understand the importance of addressing geoenvironmental issues at an early stage in the development process. We work closely with clients (or their representatives) and with regulators to provide the necessary support with pragmatic advice.

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For Investors

Whether you are buying or selling a piece of land or a business, ERGO can help you to identify and understand the associated potential environmental risks and liabilities, with services provided to both public and private sector clients.

We provide land-orientated services which evaluate potential and identified soil and groundwater liabilities that may affect your business or land transaction.

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