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Environmental & Geotechnical Due Diligence

Whether you’re buying or selling a plot of land or a business, ERGO can assist in clearly identifying and understanding the potential environmental and geotechnical risks and liabilities associated.

We provide land-orientated services which evaluate potential and identified soil and groundwater liabilities affecting your business or land transaction.

From planning conditions to early engagement with regulators, see how ERGO can assist you:

  • Consultation with regulators, the public and wider stakeholder communications management
  • Regulatory advice including obtaining planning permission, discharging contaminated land planning conditions, consents and permits
  • Material Management Plans
  • Soil Resource Plans
  • UKWIR Assessments
  • Slope Stability Modelling
  • Site Audits
  • Environmental Permits along with environmental monitoring
  • Coal Mining Risk Assessments
  • Coal Mining Investigation Permits

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