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Environmental Services

ERGO can provide assistance through all phases of development on both brownfield and greenfield sites; from the initial Phase I Geoenvironmental Assessment, (also referred to as a Desk Study / Contaminated Land Risk Assessment), to Phase II site investigations and through to the design, implementation, supervision and aftercare of full remedial programmes.

In partnership with our clients, we ensure that the most appropriate and pragmatic risk management actions are determined, and that potential liabilities and constraints are safely resolved. With many planning permissions requiring an assessment of the environmental risks on site, ERGO provides the following services for all developments – from a small-scale residential farm conversion to a large-scale commercial development.

Geoenvironmental Services

  • Geoenvironmental and contaminated land risk assessments
  • Phase I Desk Studies
  • Coal Mining Risk Assessments
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • UKWIR Assessments
  • Phase 2 Site Investigations (Intrusive and Non-Intrusive Techniques)
  • Remediation Strategies
  • Validation Testing and Reporting
  • Materials Management Plans
  • Soil Resource Plans
  • Waste Classification Assessment
  • Coal Tar Macadam Waste Testing
  • Chemical Sampling and Testing of soils and waters
  • Development of site-specific tier 2 detailed quantitative risk assessments for contaminated land risk to both human health and controlled waters

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