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Our Associate Director Jonny recently took a trip to the CL:AIRE offices in Reading to complete the Introduction to Controlled Waters Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment course.

The one day course was led by Simon Firth of Firth Consultants and attended by Geo-Environmental Consultants from across the county. Designed to introduce and provide clarity on the modelling and assessment of potential risks to Controlled Waters (Groundwater and Streams). Initial revision of Conceptual Site Models and Generic Quantitative Risk Assessment was completed before continuing on to a discussion of Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessments, Uncertainty and Limitations within the modelling process before finishing on Risk Evaluation.

Speaking about the course, Jonny said:

“We’ve recently seen a rise in the number of brownfield site investigations where the potential for mobile contamination and sensitivity of Controlled Water receptors has been high, so it seemed like a perfect course to reinforce the assessments I’ve been involved with.

In a couple of sites in particular, we have had hydrocarbon pollution which has been unable to be mitigated through conventional Tier 1 assessment and needed furthermore detailed modelling to be undertaken. This course was designed to run through this detailed process.

I found the course very useful and interesting and would recommend it those in the sector with an interest in groundwater contamination. In particular, the exercises were quite interesting given the variation in results obtained by attendees. It was good to see how the risks assessments and evaluations can be impacted by the conservatism of factors used.”